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Creating and Flowing

Welcome to Creative and Flow, a magazine on creativity, exploration, wondering, and failure.

Wonder, explore, and create.

In all parts of our lives, there are constants. Creative and Flow explores the constant of creating. We do it all the time. Whether it's mapping a new route to work on that GPS app, helping someone at work learn a new skill, or a building a better mouse trap. Creative and Flow reviews the intersection between life and the process of creating.

When creating something new or updating an existing thing or concept, we often wonder first. We think about the problem, sometimes in passing, other times we think critically. Regardless, the first part is applying thought to the problem and processing all the wondrous ideas that enter our minds.

Exploration seems to be a step slowly being removed from our lives. As adults we grow out of "playing". Playing is our way of exploring our minds, bodies, and environments. Exploration is an important part of creating. Asking questions about the topic, doing research and coming to your own conclusions allows us to not only create, but to create great things.

Creating and failing go hand in hand. Not all ventures will be successful in the defining terms. But every attempt, even a failed one, is successful in teaching us something new.

So, let's explore the creative process together. Let us learn from our failures and have a merry time.