26 July 2014 by Juan Orozco on Explore | article

Attempt the... FRENCH MACARON

Baking is the closest I will probably ever get to a laboratory science and I am ok with that. I love the sciences and I like laboratory science but can you eat HCl and live? Unless you have Wolverine's healing factor, I highly doubt it. Baking is a one hell

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25 July 2014 by Juan Orozco on journal | productivity

Notebooks and Index Cards

Before Field Notes became a thing in my world, I used these awesome wire bound notebooks I bought a long time ago from the community college bookstore. I loved the green tint of the paper and the thick covers. Alas, it is impossible to stack wire bound notebooks neatly. Now

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21 July 2014 by Juan Orozco on journal

Thought: Intense focus

It takes years to develop and refine a skill. It takes longer still to fix a character flaw or improve a virtue. People have proven that, with proper focus, you can turn your life around. The goal is not to change but to build discipline or values that didn't exist

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05 June 2014 by Juan Orozco on wonder

Home Automata

The idea of walking from one room to another, talking to your family over the phone, but not tied to a device in any way. The caller's voice travels with you to each room through speakers built into the wall. Presence sensors in each room detect your movement between rooms

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22 April 2014 by Juan Orozco on Start Here

Creating and Flowing

Welcome to Creative and Flow, a magazine on creativity, exploration, wondering, and failure. Wonder, explore, and create. In all parts of our lives, there are constants. Creative and Flow explores the constant of creating. We do it all the time. Whether it's mapping a new route to work on that

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22 April 2014 by Juan Orozco on Start Here | Juan

About Juan

Heyo. I'm Juan. I'm a nerd. Here is a haiku about me: Our planet is cool Our life has great potential Let's go exploring! You should get a good idea of meeself from that. If not, I'll fill the rest in later. :)

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